Shower Land: Break the curse by Nat Amoore and James Hart

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Shower Land: Break the Curse, written by Nat Amoore and accompanied by James Hart's awesome illustrations, is a highly entertaining and fun journey into the fantastical world of ten-year-old Felix. This imaginative tale follows Felix's unexpected adventure when a mundane morning routine catapults him into a land of unexpected dangers and endearing friendships.

Skilfully capturing the essence of childhood frustrations and family dynamics through Felix's exasperation with his dad and younger brother Olly's incessant jokes, Amoore takes the reader on a highly amusing adventure. When Felix finds himself experiencing the shower’s portal powers, transporting him into an unknown medieval life, his longing for home and family takes on a new perspective.

Felix is shocked when he finds himself in an open grassy field with soldiers wielding swords and farmers tossing pitchforks, but worse than that, when he looks down, he realises he is naked. Grabbing an abandoned shield to cover his modesty, he escapes to try to find some clothing. Locating medieval clothes on a backyard line, he has his first encounters with Noah, a mute boy, and his twin sister Elsie. While Noah is not that impressed to see his clothes being borrowed, he soon understands the predicament, and a firm friendship is formed. From cob crunching dragons to angry farmers and fortune tellers, can Felix navigate this realm safely and resolve tricky situations in order to return home, or will he be stuck in this time zone forever?

Shower Land: Break the Curse is more than just a tale of adventure; it's a celebration of humour, imagination, friendship, communication and the bonds that unite us. With its relatable protagonist and richly imagined world, this book is sure to captivate young readers and adults alike, leaving them eagerly awaiting Felix's next escapade.

Themes: Humour, Medieval times, Friendship, Portals, Problem solving, Communication, Family.

Michelle O'Connell