Rose Raventhorpe investigates: Hounds and hauntings by Janine Beacham

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Little Brown Books for Children, 2018. ISBN 9781510201323
(Age: 9+) Recommended. Themes: Detectives. Criminal investigation. Secret societies. A huge ghost dog wanders the streets of Yorke frightening the superstitious townsfolk. Is Barghest the sharp-toothed, red-eyed hound responsible for the death of young Moll a pickpocket in Mad Meg Lane? It's time for young Rose Raventhorpe, her friend Orpheus, and Heddsworth, Rose's butler, to investigate a new crime and find the culprit.
After an early morning fencing practice on top of the city wall, the trio head towards a new chocolate emporium. On the way they discover the crime scene and Rose quietly starts to look at the surroundings for clues the police have missed. Authoress Miss Wildcliffe and her large dog Wolf also happen upon the scene and become falsely accused of the crime. Rose, Orpheus and the secret society of Silvercrest Butlers begin their own investigation as the police try to convince everyone Miss Wildcliffe's dog is to blame. As the action moves through the city there are confrontations, consequences for actions and plenty of drama throughout. The children take on the Lord Mayor's Wakemen who patrol the town bullying and threatening those who stand in their way. With Rose's parents away, she is able to explore the Victorian city, the alleyways, visit Miss Wildcliffe's home on the moors and gather the vital information needed to solve the mystery.
Janine Beacham's third novel in the Rose Raventhorpe investigates series is filled with the colourful characters, atmospheric settings and action-filled scenes that keep the reader wanting more. Hounds and hauntings is a great novel to add to the popular genre of historical mysteries.
Rhyllis Bignell