Dinosaur Squeak! The Compsognathus by Peter Curtis

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Another book in The world of Dinosaur Roar! series, (including Dinosaur whizz! The coelophysis and Dinosaur Whack! The Stegosaurus) will delight young fans of dinosaurs. A very sturdy board book, this production in association with Natural History Museum, is full of facts about the Compsognathus, a tiny dinosaur the size of a chicken, who has to make sure she isn't trampled by all the big dinosaurs walking about. Dinosaur Stomp, the Triceratops has enormous feet but she jumps out of his way, while the greedy Diplodocus, Dinosaur Munch gets a shock to see her hiding by a rock. She survives being hit by the long tail of Dinosaur Whack, the Stegosaurus, and makes her friend Dinosaur Roar, the Tyrannosaurus, proud of her ability to look after herself.

The rhyming narrative makes this a perfect read aloud for young children, and the bright illustrations show what the habitats and plants of the dinosaurs' world were like. Older readers who love dinosaurs will also be attracted to this book, its easy style, words in bold print and complementary illustrations, making it a story for children just becoming independent readers.

The introduction of all the big dinosaurs that could be perilous for little Dinosaur Squeak will reinforce their names and their illustrations will be most attractive to the book's young audience. A double page spread at the end of the book provides information about the little dinosaur that will fascinate adults as well as children, for example, Compsognathus means 'elegant jaw'.

This is a very attractive series, sure to find many interested readers.

Themes: Dinosaurs, Compsognathus.

Pat Pledger