Dinosaur whizz! The coelophysis by Peter Curtis and Jeanne Willis

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Another sturdy board book introduces young readers to the Coelophysis, a dinosaur that loves to run and is very fast. She has long, slender legs and a pointed tail that helps her speed along like an athlete. Sometimes she annoys the other dinosaurs with her speed, whizzing past Dinosaur Flap and waking up Dinosaur Flap, the poor Oviraptor, distressing it so much that she tripped over her nest. When the mean Spinosaurus called Dinosaur Snap, chases Whizz, she is so fast that she manages to get away.

The rhyming text is a joy to read aloud, and young children will enjoy following the adventures of Whizz as she races from one place to another. Finding different dinosaurs and learning how to pronounce their names could be a fun activity, while the double page spread at the back with facts about Coelophysis will reinforce what has been learnt about this dinosaur. Vocabulary will also be extended through this page and the narrative. The dinosaur facts have been verified by Dr. Paul Barrett of the Department of Earth Sciences at the Natural History Museum in London.

The illustrations are cute, with Dinosaur Whizz drawn in bright red. She has sharp pointed teeth and a happy expression on her face, and children will want to find the three grasping claws she has on each hand. The pictures of Dinosaur Snap and Dinosaur Stomp will bring shudders of delight as Dinosaur Whizz evades danger.

Children are sure to want to find out more dinosaur facts in the rest of the Dinosaur Roar! series.

Themes: Dinosaurs, Coelophysis.

Pat Pledger