Spark by Brigid Kemmerer

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Elementals Book 2. Allen And Unwin, 2012. ISBN 13981743310748.
(Age: 14+) Recommended. In the second of the Elementals series, Kemmerer continues with her gripping stories of four brothers whose powers allow them power over the elements. Spark stars Gabriel, who is trying to find ways to use his paranormal power and control fire. When an arsonist starts to create havoc in the town all the evidence points to Gabriel and even his brothers start to look at him in odd ways. But he is not the one lighting the fires and he has to find out who is. At the same time he is becoming fascinated with Layne and worries about his growing relationship with her.
Kemmerer manages to blend some compelling realism with a paranormal twist to make for a compelling story. The relationships between the four brothers is beautifully described. I felt for Gabriel when he began to feel increasingly isolated as his twin Nick becomes involved with a girl that he doesn't like. The fact that his brothers don't trust him is shattering for him and he turns to Hunter for friendship.
Their forays into the night to the fires that have been lit are thrilling. The descriptions of the fires and the actions of the fire preventation personnel are really authentic and Gabriel's heroism in entering dangerous buildings and using his power to rescue victims is entralling. At the same time the realism of what happens at school, his relationship with Nick and his growing interest in Layne keep the reader in the real world and teens will identify with the actions of the mean girls and what happens in the school yard.
This is a series that has it all: action, romance, thrills and angst, all against a background of the issues that teens face with their families and at school.
Pat Pledger