Bloody Valentine, a Blue Bloods novella by Melissa de la Cruz

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Atom Books, 2010. ISBN 978 1907410208.
(Age: 13+) Recommended. As Schuyler tries to arrange her bonding to her true love Jack, she runs into some trouble with her enemies, Venators, who tell or rather show her that one of her best friends is being held captive by them. But with her beau in Italy and no way to contact him, she has no one to help her save her friend.
This book was intriguing, and for me was an easy read. I managed to read it in only a few short hours and was captivated by the amount of love the author could put into such a short book. I love how Melissa writes; I've already read a few of her books and have loved them as I have this one. I would really recommend this book if you were going on a long drive on taking a trip on a plane for a few hours, as the book is small, light and a wonderful read. I think that almost everyone will love this book as it has romance, fantasy and fighting in it. Overall, it's a great fiction novel that you can take anywhere, for anyone.
Taylor Oxenham (14, student)