The Cinderella moment by Jennifer Kloeste

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Penguin, 2013. ISBN 9780143568216.
(Age: Teens) The Cinderella moment is an insightful and refreshing novel written by Jennifer Kloester about two teenage girls, Angel and Lilly, who are trying to achieve their dream careers. Angel is a young girl who is French by parentage but lives in America with her mum who works as a maid for Lilly's family. Angel works every spare second designing clothes and hopes to go from being a maid's daughter to an internationally known fashion designer. Lilly, on the other hand wants to go into theatre and be immersed in the world of drama. But even the biggest and brightest dreams are hard to make a reality when something as unfortunate and realistic like Clarissa Kane steps in the way. Clarissa along with her mother, Margot Kane, are power hungry women who make a point to only affiliate with the highest standing social group and if they can't get there by charm, claw their way upwards. But, chance is thrown their way and both girls manage to get a possibility at achieving their dream goals. Will they get there when a mix up occurs and revenge needs to be served? Lilly and Angel have to swap identities and pull off the spectacular stunt to make their wishes come true.
Jennifer Kloester writes in such a way that you become immersed in the tangled and twisting plot, being pulled in even further when unexpected happenings occur. This novel is best suited to teens, mainly girls due to the fashion, design and romance themes that are included in this novel. In conclusion, this novel has surprises around every corner and is definitely different to the first impressions conceived of it.
Sarah Filkin