Pearlie goes to Rio by Wendy Harmer

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Ill. by Gypsy Taylor. Random House Australia Children's, 2014. ISBN: 9780857982162.
(Age: 6+) Highly recommended for newly independent readers, especially girls, from age 6 upwards. Hurly Burly! Pearlie is just in time for the World Cup! I think any of us who have seen our younger girls squabbling like parrots over the Pearlie books will know that this newest one will be a welcome addition to any library shelf.
Pearlie catches a magic ladybeetle ride to Rio where she meets a new friend, Morena the Tijuca Forest fairy, and is completely enthralled with the exotic wildlife like colourful birds and lizards that walk on water. But it's the amazingly beautiful caterpillars that really impress her and she is more than happy to take care of feeding them, and guarding them while they metamorphose inside their chrysalises. After all, when they emerge it will be time for the giant celebration of the Butterfly Carnival.
Narrowly escaping a scary mishap with a naughty bird, Pearlie and Morena are ready to samba the night away at the most wonderful event ever.
Miss Small is a real Pearlie devotee and she, as well as many others, will eat this up with a relish.
Round off your class's interest in the World Cup celebrations in Brazil by sharing Pearlie's Rio experience with them - they will love it!
Sue Warren