The Robot King by H. Badger

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Space Scout series. Hardie Grant Egmont. ISBN 978 1921564840.
Well recommended. For reluctant readers, boys and early middle primary students. Obviously not the first in this series, this science fiction based story opens with twelve year old Kip Kirby participating in the Particle Ball Grand Final. This game, reminiscent of soccer but with an ever changing sized ball sets the scene for an action packed and fast moving plot!  Kip and his second  in command, part arctic wolf and part human companion Finbar, set off on their mission to try to discover the next earth.  The detailed illustrations give a very visual picture of the futuristic story which no doubt contains known scientific facts mixed with the author's vivid imagination.  Kip and Finbar find their fast moving star ship MoNa ready to fly them on their mission to Arboria where they meet Pappy who has developed the art of Digitisation. What with acid rain, pollution and armoured robots, the story has many unusual twists.  Clear, well spaced text and short chapters make this an ideal novel for struggling readers, particularly boys.
Sue Nosworthy