The witchling's wish by Lu Fraser and Sarah Massini

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Little Witchling is all alone, she longs for a friend and searches her spell book for a solution.  The only problem is she needs one special ingredient that means she has to leave her home and find it.

This beautiful story that is told in rhyme is an absolute delight and will become a childhood favourite. Little Witchling’s search for the fur from a one-eyed teddy bear and the kindness that Lilly, the owner of said bear shows, allows for conversations about friendship, kindness and how to make friends, but also the importance of our special things and sharing to be introduced.

The Witchling’s wish is a wonderful story with amazing illustrations that really brings the story to life and engages the reader no matter the age. 

This is a book that is sure to become a class favourite as it is wonderful for reading aloud and has so many conversation points. It will also be a bedtime favourite as it is a true feel-good book. I absolutely loved this book and have read it to a large number of students since receiving it. I would highly recommend adding this to a school, classroom, and home library.

Themes: Friendship, Magic, Loneliness.

Mhairi Alcorn