The cute friend by Kim Kane

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Ill. by Jon Davis. Ginger Green, Playdate queen series. Hardie Grant Egmont, 2017. ISBN 9781760129613
(Age: 5-8) Recommended. Themes: Friendship. Problem solving. Ginger Green is the playdate queen but runs into trouble when she spends time playing with new school friend Daya. They get on well but when they go into the kitchen they find that baby of the family remains nude while everyone else is clothed, the reason Ginger thinks Daya is cute, becomes obvious. Daya's smallness is pointed out as each of the girls liken her to the baby's size and stature, wanting to lift her as they would the baby. Daya is unimpressed. This happens several more times, Daya's size and therefore cuteness being commented upon until she takes a stand. 
Ginger is a most resourceful young girl and runs to her room to bring out her dolls and plays with Daya and her dolls until the problem is smoothed over.
This is a gently humorous story that will appeal to children who are just moving from picture books to chapter books. The dilemma of a misunderstanding looms large until the problem is solved neatly and in a way that would give children hints on how to handle difficult social situations.
 Readers who enjoyed this will be happy to find other books about Ginger Green and will delight in the cute illustrations of the little foxes in clothes (except for one!)
Fran Knight