Lost tooth rescue by Kate Ledger

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Ill. by Kyla May. Twin Magic Series. Scholastic Level 2 Reader
(RA 5-6 years) Themes: School Life, Friendship, Teeth, Magic. Lottie and Mia are twins who have special powers; they can use their minds to move items. The twins have moved into a new house and are off to a new school. Luckily they can rely on each other. They share a bedroom with each side decorated with different design styles and colours. Lottie's side is pink and messy; Mia's is green and tidy. At school they meet Anna with a wobbly tooth. She wobbles it all morning, even during art class. Of course at recess the tooth is gone and the twins need to trace Anna's steps. They follow the glitter trail made by the Tooth Fairy back to the art room. With a little magic they save the day!
Kyla May's cartoon illustrations are bold, graphic and layered. These add the sparkle to the twin's story.  
This is a Scholastic Level 2 Reader. It specifically targets the audience of young girls who are becoming independent readers. This is the first book in a series suitable for girls aged 5-6 years.
Rhyllis Bignell