Let's go! On a train by Rosalyn Albert

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Illus. by Natalia Moore. Let's Go! series. New Frontier, 2020. ISBN: 9781925594980. 16pp.
(Age: 2+) A simple rhyming story has two friends going on a steam train journey.
Let's go on a steam train
And choo-choo through the land
We wait down at the station
Where we hold each other's hand.

Young children are given the opportunity to examine a train journey in this book, part of the Let's Go! Series that looks at different modes of transport. They start off at the station, with its Platform number and clock with the conductor waving from the train.  They see the fire being stoked and watch the countryside from their seats.
All the illustrations are brightly coloured and detailed while there is a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds and gender in the children and the workers.
Older children looking at forms of transport would be able to identify how train travel has changed from their grandparents' time while younger children will enjoy the rhyme and rhythm of the narrative.
Pat Pledger