DK Children's Encyclopedia

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DK, 2017. ISBN 9780241283868
(Age: 6+) Highly recommended. Encyclopedias. DK has produced another excellent non fiction reference book, this time for younger children who will really appreciate the excellent illustrations and relatively easy to read text that DK Children's Encyclopedia has to offer. There are over 250 topics in the book including ancient civilisations, Astronomy, Climate change, Clocks, Galaxies, Insects, Milky Way, Continents, Vikings, Weather and Zoos. The Reference section contains lists of artists and writers, alphabets and writing systems, scientists and mathematical information.
The book contains a table of contents with the topics organised in alphabetical order. There are instructions on how to use the book giving details about how the topics are colour coded into nine different key subject areas, Art, People, History, Earth, Nature, Science, Technology, Space and the Human Body. At the back there is a comprehensive index as well as a glossary. The "Story of..." pages are double-page spreads about interesting topics like colour, storytelling, clothing, energy, water and inventions all of which contain useful information for research and class work.
Each page deals with a different topic and is illustrated with wonderful pictures that will help the child's understanding of the topic. See also boxes will send the reader off to associated topics giving the reader the opportunity to further their knowledge. The information given is interesting and informative and is sure to keep the inquiring child occupied for hours.
This would be an ideal gift for the young child. It is sturdy and beautifully produced. It would also be an excellent reference book in the library and classroom.
Pat Pledger