A spoonful of murder by J. M. Hall

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Liz, Thelma and Pat are three retired teachers who meet for coffee at the Thirsk Garden Centre café. One day an ex-colleague, Topsy, is there with her daughter, and they catch up with her. The following week they are appalled to hear that she has died. They are all convinced that there is something wrong about her death and decide to investigate.

Fans of the cosy mystery genre are likely to really enjoy A spoonful of murder. The author cleverly reveals the lives and abilities of the three sleuths as the novel progresses and the main characters and minor characters are all really well described. There are many humorous asides that relieve the tension surrounding the murder. Red herrings abound and there are multiple suspects, but the conclusion is very satisfying.

The author also explores the effects of dementia and how crooks can prey on the elderly, adding an extra dimension to the story.

This was an entertaining read and I will be sure to pick up any future books by J.M. Hall.

Themes: Murder.

Pat Pledger