Rory the dinosaur needs a Christmas tree by Liz Climo

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Rory the dinosaur series. Little, Brown and Company, 2017. ISBN 9780316469678
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Themes: Christmas, Celebration, Fatherhood, Family. Following the success of the two previous books, Rory the dinosaur: me and my dad, and Rory the dinosaur wants a pet, this new story about Rory will be most welcome. Rory and his dad are excited about the coming festivity, as is everyone else on their island. They have put up decorations, made a wreath, made cookies, hung their stockings, wrapped their presents and hung up Christmas lights, but one thing is missing. So Rory and his dad go off hunting for a Christmas tree. They search all over the island, finding many trees, but none is the right one to have in their home. Disappointed they return and make some cocoa, and listen to the people singing carols outside their window. But when Rory goes to put his present for his dad under the tree, there is not one there. He falls asleep where the tree should be, but when he wakes he is in for quite a surprise.
Another delightful outing for Rory the dinosaur, this one like the others is replete with warmth and expressions of love shared by Rory and his dad. They do everything together, each supporting the other, and dad dressing up for his beloved son so he is not disappointed on Christmas Day. The simple yet direct and uncluttered illustrations suit the story perfectly, and younger children will love seeing Rory in all his glory as he presents all the customs that surround Christmas and its celebration in the west.
And the main theme is pulled together on the very last page. Hopefully Rory and his father will have many more adventures, warmly expressing a homage to fatherhood and the love shared by father and son.
Fran Knight