Slow down Boris by Andrew Joyner

cover image

Penguin Group: Australia , 2012. ISBN: 9780143306702.
Highly recommended as an early chapter book for emerging and independent readers. Boris embarks on a new adventure as he joins his class on a trip to Hogg City where they visit the museum, enjoy lunch in the park and finish with a session at the Road Safety School.
The Boris stories are easily accessible chapter books with short sentences setting the scene and clear speech bubbles showing the characters speaking. As with the previous Boris adventures you expect that something exciting will happen to Boris, and it does, ensuring that young readers will enthusiastically read on.
The colourful illustrations enhance the story by clearly showing a variety of expressions and characters as his classmates wait whilst Boris extricates himself from a set of shark jaws, a fountain. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations as Boris, on the smallest bike, rides around the bike circuit.
Boris of course saves the day and all ends happily as the bus returns the class to Hogg Bay School.
Slow down Boris is an entertaining read which will delight young readers and adults alike.
Sue Keane