Wolf girl 8: Welcome to Paradise by Anh Do

cover image

Wolf Girl Gwen and her pack are in terrible danger from crocodiles, a rapidly approaching waterfall and of course, the enemy. So begins Book Eight in the Wolf Girl series written by Anh Do. This time the heroes of the series end up on a beautiful island full of wild animals which cause them no end of grief. From the cheeky baby monkey who steals Gwen’s most treasured possession and has a devasting effect on her health, to the ferocious lion who stalks the pack and places them in more danger, to the gentle herd of elephants who help Gwen and the pack to safety, this story really does have it all. They also meet two humans who are in the employ of The Collector but are they friend or foe?

This is another exciting and action-packed read that will continue to engage fans of the Wolf Girl series. Illustrations by Lachlan Creagh add to the appeal of the text. The bonus sealed section at the end continues the story of Gwen and Amber. Book Nine will be published soon.

Themes: Family, Children, Adventure, Survival, Trust, Animals, Danger.

Kathryn Beilby