Supertato by Sue Hendra

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Simon and Schuster, 2014. ISBN 9780857074478.
(Age: 3-5) Recommended. Humour, Wordplay. Another in a line of books by Sue Hendra, using words as a ploy to make the readers laugh, will appeal to a younger audience, just coming to grips with language an its many uses and meanings. The preceding titles, Barry the fish with fingers, Norman the slug with the silly shell amongst others are laugh out loud stories that will engage their readers.
When mayhem occurs in the supermarket late one night, the carrot, broccoli and cucumber call on Supertato for help. He quickly appraises the situation telling them all that he knows who is behind all of this, the pea. The vile pea with its black mask has no intention of returning to the freezer from where he has escaped, so follows a cat and mouse escapade around the supermarket, until calm returns.
With bold illustrations, full of life and colour, the story about the super potato will enthrall its intended readership, and make them laugh at the use made of words to do with vegetables in the story. And along the way help them understand some words to do with shopping at the supermarket and the names of vegetables, which for some children are rarely seen.
This is a delight on several levels and will be seen in classrooms and at home as children and adults discuss some of the routines of daily life.
Fran Knight