Freaky, funky fish by Debra Kempf Shumaker. Illus. Claire Powell

cover image

Freaky, Funky Fish is a wonderful non-fiction picture book showcasing odd facts about fascinating fish that will entertain readers of all ages. Beginning with the interesting end papers which focus on the oceans of the world on one page and fish inventories on the remaining, to the explanations of the freaky fish, further learning and selected sources sections, the reader will marvel at the information and presentation. The author Debra Kempf Shumaker has cleverly combined rhyme and facts with stunning illustrations by Claire Powell to create a vibrant and highly enjoyable read. The fish on the pages have funkiness and freakiness ratings as well as brief hand written snapshots of information and images often with added humour. Some of the categories of fish mentioned include fish that zap: electric torpedoes, eels, catfish and stargazers, fish that sing: clownfish, oyster toadfish, croaking gourami and batfish, and fish that creep: sea robins, coral reef frogfish. The gorgeous cover with highlights of metallic paint will immediately capture the interest of readers.

There is so much to look for and learn on each page that readers will be drawn back to this book time and time again. A perfect addition to any home, school or public library.

Themes: Fish, Facts, Non Fiction, Rhyme, Picture Book.

Kathryn Beilby