There's a dragon in your book by Tom Fletcher

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Ill. by Greg Abbott. Puffin, 2018. ISBN 9780141376127
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Themes: Dragons. Humour. With the opening page warning of the egg which is about to hatch, eager fingers will turn the page with glee, anticipating what may happen next. A baby dragon appears from the egg and the book asks the reader to tickle her nose which has a not unexpected consequence, a sneeze, which makes small spot fires around the page. Readers will be puzzling over what to do next as they watch the cheery little animal joining in the quest of how to put out the fires. Her suggestion put into place, the book gives another warning to the reader as the problem escalates, each time a solution begetting another problem to solve. Readers will laugh out loud at the situations she finds herself in, and admire the solutions, seemingly the one that is needed.
When all is peaceful once again, the dragon flies off, only to find another heap of problems around the corner.
A funny, involving text with illustrations that beg to be closely looked at, this dragon book will keep readers amused to the end, not only reading a highly amusing tale, but learning a lot about dragons along the way.
A sequel to the highly successful, There's a monster in your book.
Fran Knight