Pyramid Puzzle by Susannah McFarlane

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EJ12 Girl Hero Book 10. Scholastic, 2011. ISBN 978 1 921684241.
(Age 7-10) Strongly recommended. Mystery and adventure usually make for good reading and this short novel certainly delivers.
In preparation for Elle's birthday Emma has been planning a special surprise. Whilst sharing her plans with her other two best friends, Hannah  and Isi, another girl in her year Nema eavesdrops and misunderstands the plans the friends are making. She proceeds to feed information to Elle in an attempt to drive a wedge through the young girls' strong friendship. Emma is surprised by Elle's odd behaviour towards her and is trying to find out what's gone wrong when she is whisked away from school to help with a more important task.
Emma Jack is EJ12 a special agent for SHINE - a top secret organisation dedicated to keeping the world safe from people who would try to harm them. People like those in SHADOW another organisation dedicated to making trouble and causing mayhem. Emma loves her work and is always keen to take on a new task - this one will take her to exotic places and test her secret agent skills. Isi her friend is also an agent (IJ12) currently undergoing basic training - so Emma is pleased to have someone around who understands the organisation and its demands.
This is the tenth title in this delightful series aimed at the 7 - 12 age group and one I would strongly recommend.
Tracy Glover