Icky-foodia: The ultimate guide to disgusting food by Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly

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Penguin Random House, 2017. ISBN 9780143784388
(Age: 9+) Icky-foodia: The ultimate guide to disgusting food is the second alphabetical guide book by Australian comedy duo The Listies. I started with the blurb and didn't know whether to laugh or grab a bucket in preparation! "It's a CROOKBOOK full of INGROSSIENTS to make every kid into a DISASTERCHEF. It contains smelly and just plain horrible words, scribbles, COOKING DESTRUCTIONS and a guide to the world's worst RESTAURWRONGS." It really was true to this interesting introduction. Every page has small snippets of information about either an actual food or a made up food that is purposefully disgusting, vomit inducing or just plain wrong. The pictures add to the atheistic and ensure that the reader really gets a good mental picture of what they are reading about.
This book, while not so great for those with a weak stomach, would be awesome for a reluctant reader who enjoys laughing about bodily functions and anything gross. The small pieces of information would mean that they don't get bored or fatigued and enables them to remember the grossest segments to relay to unsuspecting family members or friends. My son and I found quite a number of things funny; Feeta Cheese anyone? Or how about a nice Devonshire Wee! The puns and jokes keep it at a light read, while still providing a small amount of literary merit.
Although it is an alphabetical guide, it is the perfect book to just pick up, flick to a random page and read something funny. This aspect would appeal to readers who are struggling to find books they want to read front to back, and also those who find it hard to engage and relate to entire story.
Icky-foodia: The ultimate guide to disgusting food would be suited to children (specifically boys) of ages 9 and upwards, and would make a great birthday or Christmas gift!
Lauren Fountain