Ratbags: Naughty for good by Tim Harris and Shiloh Gordon

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Ratbags – Naughty for good, written by one of Australia’s highly entertaining authors, Tim Harris and illustrators Shiloh Gordon, is a new series that will be undoubtedly be another success. Extremely engaging and fast paced, it has a unique storyline to keep the audience in suspense. This style of novel will be appealing to many, including those less motivated readers, as they follow the life of the most law-abiding young rat, Jigsaw.

Jigsaw loves rules and adores humans! He is very unlike all the other rats; they are all RATBAGS! Jigsaw’s life is all about doing the right thing, that is until he meets Onion and Ripple and he is reluctantly led astray. The smells of delicious, tempting aromas of pizza proves too much for him. Could this be his downfall to all that he has worked so hard to achieve?

Filled with fun, suspense and originality, this story will keep its audience captivated until the very end. Fun and light-hearted, this is an enjoyable read that will tantalise the reading tastebuds of even those reluctant readers. If you like a little adventure and enjoy a good laugh, you won’t be disappointed.

This fabulous short fiction novel has a high energy level, with an engaging storyline. Filled with loads of fun black and white cartoon pictures, speech text and action, and in a style mixed between a graphic novel and standard novel, this targets a wider audience and will appeal to many. Containing short chapters, large print and a really cool layout, this is a great story for all ages.

If you love a little bit of fun and adventure in a fast-past speed, then this novel will undoubtedly meet your entertainment level. Tim Harris is a master at his craft, and always knows how to keep his stories moving and engage his readers to the very end.

Themes: Rights and Responsibilities, Problem solving, Teamwork, Humour.

Michelle O'Connell