13 reasons why by Jay Asher

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Penguin Random House, 2017. ISBN 9780141387772
(Age: 15+) Highly recommended. Suicide. A gripping story that you can't put down, you need to know what comes next. The way the story is written helps to keep you intrigued and wanting more, needing to know how the various characters are intertwined and how their stories impact upon each other.
The two main characters are telling their stories intertwined together, the more you read the more you see how each character has an impact on others sometimes on purpose and other times without even realising it.
This book discussed a number of controversial topics that can be life changing. Hopefully this book will spark conversations about these topics that are not normally talked about.
This book reminds us that we never really know what someone else is thinking or feeling or how what we say or do impacts on another person.
This story could be set in any town with a park and a diner.
Hopefully after reading this book it will start some discussions around the topics that are discussed, it may encourage people to talk to their friends about things that are happening in their lives.
What you do can have an effect on others that you may not be aware of or intending.
Sometimes we don't even know what we are thinking or really feeling.
This book also highlights the impact that suicide has on the people left behind and hopefully that will again spark discussion around this topic.
Karen Colliver