Can I tell you a secret? A tale about being brave and sharing your worries by Anna Kang

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Ill. by Christopher Weyant. Hachette Australia, 2016. ISBN 9781444926439
(Age: 3-7) Highly recommended. The husband and wife team of author Anna Kang and illustrator Christopher Weyant's colourful picture book asks an important question - 'Can I tell you a secret?' This is a valuable resource for teaching wellbeing in kindergartens, preschools and Early Years education.
'Pssst!' says Monty as he leans in to talk to us from the bulrushes. 'Could you come here for a sec?' The little green frog has a secret he wants to share, he can't swim and is afraid of the water! A lot of quick thinking, creativity and hard work have helped him to keep this from his family and friends, a doctor's note for his swimming coach, a protective umbrella, even catching a ride on a tall bird's leg. Questions and responses keep the reader engaged and Weyant's colourful, comical scenes add to the fun of the story. Monty is a cute character, with his large green head, expressive eyes, giant flippers and little hands that show a range of emotions.
When Monty decides to share his secret, he first builds up his courage by complimenting his mum and dad on dinner and on their awesome parenting. Facing your fears and sharing your worries are important life lessons. With his parents' loving response and reassurances, Monty is able to start learning to swim.
This delightful picture book supports teaching the Health, Wellbeing and Protective Behaviours curriculum. Young learners can read, view and discuss how Monty was able to bravely overcome his fears and take a risk in sharing his secret. They can identify characters that help the main character stay safe and healthy and the importance of establishing a safe network of people you can trust.
Rhyllis Bignell