The Champ 2: Rock 'n' Roll by Anh Do. Illus. by Dave Atze

cover image

Summer has discovered she has secret superpowers, but she is keeping them from her best friend Wilbur, although she knows eventually she will share them with him. In this latest story of The Champ: Rock ‘N’ Roll all the kids are obsessed with the band 4Step but tickets to their concert are very expensive. Summer and Wilbur decide to work together by busking so they can raise the money to go to the concert. Summer can juggle and Wilbur can sing. What a winning combination!

They raise enough money but also raise the ire of Marcia, the cruel and mean Book Witch impersonating a librarian. She sets out to punish the community and creates dangerous foes using her witchy powers. At the concert mayhem is unleashed and the band members are kidnapped. Will Summer, her brother Carl and Wilbur be able to rescue the band? How will they achieve this and what will Wilbur’s response to Summer’s superpowers be?

Once again the fast-paced action will engage and entertain young readers. The use of highlighted key words breaks up the text and the graphic images by South Australian illustrator, Dave Atze, add drama and interest to the story. For young fans Book 3 is on its way!

Themes: Sport, Gladiator Games, Family, Secret Police, Danger.

Kathryn Beilby