The dreams of the chosen by Brian Caswell

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Deucalion sequence, bk 3. University of Queensland Press, 2013. ISBN 9780702236051.
(Age: Teenagers+) Recommended. 'It was fear. Of what we might find there. Or might not find . . .'
The colonists of Deucalion have had no contact with mother earth for centuries, but now that is about to change. Using new and untried technology, an intrepid group of explorers will return to earth and discover what exactly went wrong.
Brian Caswell has written a plethora of brilliant books and the third book in the Deucalion sequence The dreams of the chosen is no exception. Caswell's books are wonderfully descriptive and draw the reader into his world of words. The crew of the Cortez, a faster-than-light spaceship, embark on a journey from the colony world of Deucalion to Earth to discover why there has been no contact for centuries and what exactly happened to the most advance civilisation ever.
When the Cortez arrives in orbit around earth, the only trace of human civilisation visible is a scattering of Feudal age settlements amid the ruins of ancient cities. When the crew land, they discover a world of superstition and fear, ruled over by a group of tyrannical 'families' who maintain power with an iron fist. With the help of a group of outcasts the crew set out to find what caused the post apocalyptic civilisation.
All in all, The dreams of the chosen is an excellent example of a well written piece of science fiction, one that provides the reader with an in-depth setting and characters. Though this book is primarily intended for teenagers I would recommend it to any lover of science fiction.
Alex Leuenberger (Student)