Peg-Leg pedicure by Eliza Ault-Connell and Aimee Chan. Illus. by Angela Perrini

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Eva and her Mum have a close relationship so much so that Eva does not even realise her Mum has a disability. Her Mum can do everything that any other Mum can do especially running. However, in the way that children can do, Rishab’s unkind comments on Eva’s Mum’s legs that are made out metal, cause Eva to feel sad and uncomfortable. She has always grown up with her Mum talking openly about her legs and pretending that she is a pirate with peg legs. Eva and her Mum decide to talk to the class about her different legs. In class Eva’s Mum uses her best pirate voice to share information and talk about her legs. She speaks about differences and the class all begin to point out how each of them is different and interesting in one way or another and it makes them all unique. After the discussion the whole class has fun doing a peg leg pedicure where they decorate Mum’s old peg legs. At the end of morning, they all have a race and Eva’s Mum wins. Even Rishab is surprised at how good peg legs are.

One of the co-authors, Eliza Ault-Connell, is a wheelchair track athlete who has competed at the highest levels for Australia.  The other co-author is Amiee Chan who wrote My Grandma is 100.

This beautifully illustrated picture book that shares information about diversity and difference in such a sensitively written manner would be a valuable resource for all school and public libraries.

Themes: Diversity, Difference, Disability, Children, Family, Resilience, Education.

Kathryn Beilby