Dragon apocalypse by DC Green

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City of Monsters book 3. Ford Street Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781925272680
(Ages 11+) Fantasy. Dragon apocalypse is the third book in the City of monsters series by DC Green. The Dead Gang, a group of monsters including a giant spider, a vampire, an ogre, a goblin, a banshee, a mummy, and PT (the 'hume' with a bionic hand), returns and are on a mission that they hope will save the world. They need to save the last Dragon, hiding on the Isle of Giants, and potentially linked to the health of the world, but there appears to be a traitor in their midst.
The Dead Gang is split into two, off on two separate missions before coming together, and the story follows the monsters as they try to save a dragon egg, battle two enemy armies of other monsters and cyborgs, and reach the last Dragon before the world floods and comes to an end. Through the battles, several twists take place, and the dragon egg that was saved cracks open and reveals a baby dragon, who becomes a new member of the Dead Gang. Does the Dead Gang achieve success? Who is the traitor? All is revealed as you explore the mystical world created by DC Green.
DC Green uses an interesting writing style that will appeal to younger readers, but can be difficult to decipher at times. Some mini themes may be more suitable for older readers. Without having read the first two books in the series, it was a bit confusing to begin with, but the story did begin to make sense; however, I would highly recommend that readers read the first two books in the exciting series before embarking on this one.
Christina Abbracciavento