Save the date by Morgan Matson

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Simon and Schuster, 2018. ISBN 9781471163883
(Age: Teens-YA) In Save the date the story follows Charlie Grant, the youngest of the Grant family of seven. Charlie is excited for the next three days, as she finally gets to have all of her family under the same roof in what feels like forever. And to top it all off, it's for her sister Linnie's wedding too.
But as life has it, things don't all go according to plan for the Grants. There's a missing wedding planner that has skipped town, her favorite brother has bought a surprise new girlfriend, angry neighbours are constantly trying to hassle them, the rented dog causing noise complaints. And to top it all off, the new wedding planner's nephew is kind of cute too.
With problem after problem, over the next three long days, Charlie will learn more about the people she thought she knew best. And that holding onto the past isn't good for her future.
Morgan Matson has given us a family orientated story with a complex family to fit it. It follows a lot of major events that happen to a lot of people, including family quarrels, distant siblings, fighting parents and change within the family and life itself. The last being the main issue that Charlie faces the most in this story: Change. I think that the themes represented in Save the date would best suit teenagers and young adults.
Kayla Raphael