League of Llamas: Undercover Llamas by Aleesah Darlinson

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Penguin Random House Australia, 2020. ISBN: 9781760894191.
(Age: 6-10). Highly recommended. The League of Llamas (LOL) are a group of secret Llama agents with distinctive traits. Agent 0011, Phillipe Llamar is quite vain and secretly in love with the gorgeous Elloise Llamaresky (agent 0077). His sidekick, Lloyd Llamanator is always on the lookout for food! This is the third book in the series which started with The golden Llama, followed by Llama impossible.
As this story begins, Phillipe is ambushed and has allowed the chickens from Chickenlovakia to get hold of some important files from the Llama Republic. He is rescued by the lovely Elloise and returns to home base where Mama Llama gives them their next mission. Phillipe and his group are to go undercover as band members with another famous Llama who has helped LOL before, the talented, handsome and very famous singer, Bruno Llamars. Their mission is to apprehend the nasty Hilda and her hench-chickens but to do this they must go into Chickenlovakia with Bruno to perform at his next concert.
As the Llama friends wrestle with the pressures of a real performance in addition to working out what the chickens have in mind for the world, Phillipe also has to contend with the idea that Elloise may prefer the dashing Bruno over him after all, and he is devastated.
The books in this series are full of wonderful Llama puns and word plays and this book also adds lots of egg-cellent egg and chicken word plays to the mix. There many references to real world spy stories that will delight readers and keep parents who are reading this aloud to younger children in fits of laughter. They are great books for those newly independent readers and they also read aloud well for JP classes who are looking for an action-packed story for a class novel. Themes: Llamas, Detectives, Bands(music), Villains, Criminal Investigation.
Gabrielle Anderson