The set-up by Jack Heath

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Liars book 3. Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781742993416.
(Age: 13+) Recommended. Jarli is tech-savvy - to the extreme! His latest contest involves a robotic battle. But everything goes wrong when Jarli gets chosen (but it feels like he has been abducted) by the security of the Minister of Defence to provide evidence that the politician is telling the truth. Jarli's Truth-app has become widely used and hacked, and truth is the victim. Along the way things become even more complex and Jarli is placed into an impossible situation and is charged with attempted murder. Will truth be able to be revealed, or is Jarli's normal life about to end?
This is another of Jack Heath's action-packed adventures involving cyber crime, and young people doing amazing and risky things. The action will continue into another book as Jarli's arch-nemesis, Viper, is still on the loose and is not prepared to release his assault on the young man with the awesome cyber skills. This is a series that will enthral both male and female readers, particularly those who enjoy the spy adventure novel, and those with an interest in the cyber world. There is action on nearly every page, and although the danger is extreme (and unlikely), it is still a very compelling story. This is certainly a series that will be worth recommending for those wishing for an adventurous read. Even reluctant readers will be hooked by the action . . . and all readers will be keen to find out what happens next.
Themes: Espionage; Lies and Truth; Cyber security; Action adventure.
Carolyn Hull