Senior moments by Angus FitzSimons

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Subtitled The Complete Guide on How To Be Senior I settled down ready to be amused and entertained. The back cover has a short questionnaire including 'You still say ‘colour television' and you watch television on a television' and suggests that you are officially a senior if you answer 'yes' to any of the questions, setting the tone for the book. However, I was put off by some of the author’s comments, including 'Or don’t read it at all, what do I care? I’ve already got my cut of the royalties.' p. 3, a sentiment repeated several times in the book. What follows is a series of one-liners, grouped under titles such as Senior Moments in Medicine, Senior Moments in Sports and Leisure following the same format of recycled jokes, double entendres and loose associations that come across as childish and peevish.

There are some funny parts, including the hints on ‘Becoming the preferred grandparents’ p. 66, but the chapters fall into a repetitive format that lost me. The book is “inspired by the comedy revue Senior Moments” and much of the material might pass in that environment but I found its mocking tone tiresome. I think I might leave my copy at the local Men’s Shed for the grumpy old men to read, they will probably enjoy it.

Themes: Nostalgia.

Sue Speck