Yay! It's Library Day by Aleesah Darlison

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Ill. by Australian children. Wombat Books, 2018. ISBN 9781925563238
(Ages: 3-6) Themes: Books, Libraries, Reading. Illustrated by children from around Australia, Yay! It's Library Day reminds readers of the importance of libraries and books. Oliver and Ivy visit the library with Dad and on follows all the adventures they have from the comfort of the giant library chair. Off they go, gasping "in horror at the pirate captain's motley crew", hearing tales of "giant creatures swimming in oceans cold and deep" and entering into "lands where dragons breathe fire and smoke".
The name of each child illustrator is next to the page number. There is a nice assortment of different illustration styles, some fantastic, some not as great (despite there being over 600 entries for Wombat Books to choose from).
Overall, this is a nice little romp through the worlds we can enter through books and a reminder to children that they too could be an illustrator (this is the second book that Wombat has done in this style so there may be more to come).
The end sums up the joys of reading: "Today we were heroes, today we were kings. Today books taught us so many things." This could prompt discussions about favourite places to visit in books or students could even work together to compile a similar book. While this concept feels familiar (exploring the worlds we explore through reading) I cannot name a comparable title. A nice one to share on special library appreciation days and during Book Week.
Nicole Nelson