All monkeys love bananas by Sean E. Avery

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Fremantle Press, 2013. ISBN 9781922089311.
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Picture book. Verse. In catchy rhyming lines, this is the story of one monkey who is sick of eating bananas all day long is told. Monkeys are to be found where banana trees grow, because they eat bananas morning, noon and night. But one monkey does not want to eat bananas anymore. Lou McGregor who lives at tree twenty four, revolts against his diet and runs away. He meets a rabbit, Sue Hopoloo, who is also disenchanted with her diet of carrots. They resolve to swap their meals, Lou will bring bananas for Sue and Sue will provide carrots for Lou. But when they taste each other's food, they are repulsed and resolve to eat their own food from now on, remaining best of friends.
This is a delight, the rhyming story stunningly reflected in the pen and ink illustrations, using only a few colours, particularly yellow and orange to reinforce the tale.
For home or classroom, this tale would add to the books reinforcing the idea of food and the three main meals in a day. It could be well used to underline the food we eat that is good for us, rejecting that which is part of another animal's diet. And of course, there is much fun to be had in just reading it aloud to a smiling group of kids.
Fran Knight