The Lily in the Snow by Jackie French

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Miss Lily book 3. HarperCollins Australia, 2019. ISBN: 9781460753842. 400pgs paperback.
(Age: Teens +) Recommended. Blackmail, deceit, secrets and the stigma of society is what you find in the third instalment of the wartime series Miss Lily by one of Australia's most talented authors, Jackie French. This was my first attempt at a Jackie French novel and it did not disappoint.
Jackie's writing is wonderful and easy to read. She always keeps you wanting to know what will happen next.
Based in the late 1920s your journey through the pages takes you from Shillings, England to Germany and onto Australia.
Sophie Higgs lives in a quiet life as the Countess of Shillings. She has left her past behind until Hannelore a former lady of Miss Lily's orders Sophie to travel to Germany and meet a rising European figure, who happens to be Hitler, in order to report back to the Prince of Wales. This was the time that Hitler was coming into power and not much was known about him.
What hooked me into the story was the little girl at the start that wanted to find her mother and kill her. Who and why she had to do this, is what kept me going.
The Lily in the Snow is a historical thriller full of espionage with strong female characters and secrets. It explores the strengths of friendships and the changing face of women in Europe.
Yes, I did enjoy reading The Lily and the Snow and will go back to read the first two novels.
Maria Komninos