How to be a friend by Sarah Ayoub & Mimi Purnell

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In verse form the ingredients of how to make a friend are given. The book supports the positive things that friends do, aiming to inspire children to be the best friend they can be while recognising what a true friend does for them. 

Their third collaboration after The Love that Grew and Nice and Slow, author Sarah Ayoub and illustrator Mimi Purnell use text in verse alongside illustrations to further stress the ideas of being a friend and what it involves. All the positive aspects of friendship are mentioned: giving and receiving, sharing, the importance of being there when we are needed, being inspirational, while the positive aspects of our society are shown in the illustrations: diversity, inclusivity and acceptance. It does not baulk at the truth because life is not always positive. A lot of issues are touched upon in the book through its text and illustrations, but the overall message of respect is most importantly promoted.

The illustrations reveal more than the text can offer in words, and children will see many of the aspects of friendship revealed in the images. Details will be spotted, role models copied and above all, the positive aspects of being a friend displayed for all to see.

Themes: Friendship, Family, Acceptance, Diversity.

Fran Knight