Amazing acrobats by Meredith Costain and Danielle McDonald

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Olivia's Secret Scribbles bk3, Scholastic, 2018, ISBN 9781760277086
(Ages: 5-7) Themes: Sisters. Diaries. Acrobatics. Olivia's secret diary is an exciting recount filled with all things acrobatic. She loves racing out to the playground at recess and lunch with her friends and having fun on the playground equipment. Her daily journal entries focus on her friends and their activities on the monkey bars, hammock swing and climbing frame. Her positivity is delightful, her ability to creatively use everyday things like oranges for juggling or old sticks and bandages for stilts add to the fun of this easy to read story. Her best friend Matilda is willing to go along with most of Olivia's ideas with one exception, she's afraid of hanging upside down.
Fortunately, there's a free Circus Skills Holiday Workshop in the local Sunshine Centre and both girls are delighted to join. Each day brings new skills and equipment, Hula Hoop Tuesday, Slippery Silk Wednesday and Wriggly Worm Thursday. Practice makes perfect, there are lots of fun activities, group games, individual challenges and a special Spectacular Show for family and friends. Matilda gains confidence as she develops her skills with encouragement from Olivia.
Meredith Costain's third story in the Olivia's Secret Scribbles series is an excellent introduction to chapter books for young girls. There is a brightness and bubbliness to Olivia's point of view, that is presented in any easy-to-read format with aqua-coloured bold text. Danielle McDonald's cartoon illustrations add to the excitement and enjoyment of the story. Amazing acrobats is just right for readers from 5-7.
Rhyllis Bignell