Judy Moody in a Monday mood by Megan McDonald

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Judy Moody in a Monday Mood is the sixteenth book in the much-loved series Judy Moody, written by Megan McDonald. This story is filled with fun and amusement, but be prepared, ‘cos Judy Moody is in a mood!

Judy Moody has woken on a Monday and she is being mopey. Who likes Mondays? Mondays aren’t Saturday pancake days, and Mondays aren’t anything exciting days. But when she goes to school and it turns out that this Monday is unlike any normal Monday, she is inspired. This Monday turns out to be a day when her year 3 teacher, Mr T has decided to mix things up a bit and today turns into a pop, pop, popping great day. This gets Judy thinking up some great ideas. Why not mix things up every day, and create special days all the time?

Judy, with her brother Stink, get together and think of different special days to celebrate throughout the week and have some fun. But what happens when you get to a fun day like Saturday? Can you possibly think of a day that will make your Saturday even ‘funner’?

Megan McDonald has created another light-hearted and entertaining story that is engaging and moves quickly for one venture to the next. Complemented with excellent illustrations by Peter Reynolds to provide further enjoyment, young readers will not be disappointed. This would make a suitable read for children who are past the emerging novel stage and looking for a slightly longer text. Featuring many illustrations, this text is not too overwhelming, and combined with larger, well-spaced out print, it makes for an easier intermediate read. For young children who enjoy a character with a bit of spunk and ingenuity, Judy Moody should not be missed.

Themes: Creativity, School, Friends, Family.

Michelle O'Connell