Parcel for Gorilla by Shelley Knoll-Miller

cover image

Gorilla and his jungle friends are hungry. Their tummies are rumbling and they cannot get the coconuts down from the tree. A perusal of the endpapers will show younger readers just how hungry little Gorilla is as he dreams of all sorts of things to eat.

But Elephant brings in a parcel, tied sturdily to his back. All the animals are agog, what could it be? Snake comments on its size while the monkeys dare to think that the parcel is full of bananas. But this cannot be as it does not smell like bananas. Hog thinks it may be full of peanuts, but Gorilla says that his friend would not send peanuts as he is allergic to them.

'Maybe it is full of coconuts' whispers Snake just as the parcel slides off elephant’s back. All the animals come closer to help open the parcel just as the monkeys begin to tear off the wrapping.

The surprising present will make readers laugh even more, and Gorilla finds a way of using the gift to bring down the coconuts for them all to eat. A fun filled guessing game as to the contents of the parcel will keep readers intrigued as they will all want to know what might be inside. The surprise gift will cause lots of laughter as they realise just how strange it is for animals in the jungle, but Gorilla works out a way to use it to satisfy their needs.

Themes: Problem solving, Animals, Jungle, Gifts, Humour.

Fran Knight