Gandhi by Dianne Bailey

cover image

DK Life Stories. Dorling Kindersley, 2019. ISBN: 9780241356333.
(Age: 8-13) Recommended. Themes: Gandhi; India; Civil resistance.
The life story of Gandhi is well documented, but this book will introduce the younger generation to his life and work. Insights into the life of Gandhi are explained in this book, and his non-violent approach to creating political change have been an encouragement to many other lives and continue to be an inspiration to the world. Bailey has written a very basic explanation and overview of the life and peaceful journey of this humble man whose desire to make a difference for those who had experienced discrimination. He also worked for the independence of his home country, India, to release the country from colonial rule by British authorities.
This non-fiction book is easily read, using uncomplicated language and will be a good addition to school libraries. The presentation of the information includes quotes, sidebars to explain terms, and photographs and cartoon-style illustrations. A time-line and glossary are also included at the end of the book.
Recommended for readers aged 8-13.
Carolyn Hull