Sneaky art: Crafty surprises to hide in plain sight by Martha Jocelyn

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Candlewick, 2013. ISBN: 9780763656485.
Recommended for 8-10 years of age.Themes: Art - construction, Recycling in Art, Handicrafts. Sneaky Art projects made from recycled materials readily available at home or school can add a fun and surprising element to public spaces. Yarn-bombing where crafters add knitting and crocheting projects to cityscapes continues to be a successful artistic endeavour. This quirky handicrafts manual gives the budding artist a step-by-step guide to creating exciting short-term, easily removable artworks. They are meant only for fun and enjoyment as the introductory reminder advises to be careful with other people's property.
'Don't make anyone mad, make them laugh,' Martha Jocelyn states.
Each project has a full-page colour photo with a clearly defined list of materials needed, instructions for making, how to sneak and where to place the finished work. For children or students this needs some adult input and guidance. Adding a fractured face made with cut out eyes, nose and mouth and a speech bubble to a parking metre needs consideration. It would be fine to add sneaky art around the home.
Simple craft like Seeing Red, where red wool or pipe cleaners are wrapped around 'anywhere that needs brightening,' could be adopted for Harmony Day where students could add touches of orange to the school fences or buildings. 'Post a Poem,' using sticky notes, or 'Library Shouts', using cut out words and letters are great ideas for literacy lessons.
This unusual art book is recommended for children over 8 years of age. It is suitable for class craft lessons.
Rhyllis Bignell