There is no big bad wolf in this story by Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright

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The Big Bad Wolf is always late. His many clocks just do not wake him in time to huff and puff the Three Little Pigs’ houses down, or trek after Little Red Riding Hood in the forest on the way to Grandma’s house. So can these fairy tales do without the Big Bad Wolf? The characters are so sick of him being late they try to do without him just to see if they can.  But nothing they try seems to work. The dragon should have been able to huff and puff but breathed fire, burning down the houses instead. The characters come to a conclusion that they cannot live without him and try to track him down finding him at ease under a bridge, fishing. But will he come back to do his work in the fairy tales?

This very funny take on the place held in fairy tales by the Big Bad Wolf will have kids reading every word as they see the predicament that would unfold if it wasn’t for the Big Bad Wolf. He has a necessary part to play in the two tales and kids will love the difference this story brings to their knowledge of the fairy stories. The funny illustrations will enthral eager readers as they spot the various characters from fairy tales, and follow their journeys through the book. I loved the clocks on the first two pages and the efforts the characters go to to get the Big Bad Wolf at his post on time.

A great read aloud, this book will have kids engaged as they try to encourage the wolf to make better use of his time.

Themes: Wolves, Fairy Tales, Time, Fairy Tale characters, Mixed up Fairy Tales, Read aloud.

Fran Knight