Clementine Rose and the farm fiasco by Jacqueline Harvey

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Random House, 2013. ISBN 9781742755472.
(Age: 6-9) Recommended. Chapter book. Farm life. Adventure. Harvey's chatty style will entice readers to read the books about the vivacious Clementine Rose, a well rounded character who beguiles young readers with her slightly anarchic air, her love of everything around her, her very odd aunt and even odder household. At school, her dogmatic teacher eventually relents taking the class to Polly's farm. Mrs Bottomley dresses in her most appropriate outfit for a trip outdoors, but is outdone by Clementine's aunt, dobbed in as the last resort as an adult to accompany the class. Her white pant suit is a magnet waiting to attract anything dirty.
All the ingredients for a good fun read are mixed together in this easily absorbed story, as Clementine's aunt and Mrs Bottomley get separated from the class and chased by a goose. Most of the group heads back to the farm house and food, but Clementine, Sophie, Poppy and two of the boys find themselves being chased by Ramon, the angry ram. All ends happily, and the two older women who were antagonistic at the start, become friends and find the missing Granny Bert.
These books are a gentle read, with beguiling characters, a recognisable setting and enough good fun and adventure to keep readers content. There are four more titles listed on the back cover with news that several more are in the offing, enough to keep every fan happy.
Fran Knight