The Project by Brian Falkner

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Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 9781921529795.
(Age 12+) Recommended. Falkner, award winning author of The tomorrow code and Brainjack, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed, has written another fast paced adventure story that is sure to appeal to boys in particular. Tommy and Luke think that the book they are studying at school is the most boring book in the world, but then they discover an old book that is the most boring book in the world, a perfect place to hide a terrible secret. When a flood enters the basement of the library where old and valuable books are stored, Luke and his friend Tommy help to move them to safety. Luke, with his amazing memory, thinks that he sees the treasure that could change the course of history forever. When he goes back to check the boys run into danger and the race is on to save the future.
This is a fast paced adventure that manages to combine gadgets, bike rides, time travel and evil Germans all in one thrilling story. At the same time readers will gain some insight into Leonardo da Vinci, Nazism and spying as they follow Luke and Tommy in an exciting race to rescue the secret in the most boring book in the world.
Falkner has the happy knack of writing engaging characters that you immediately like. Both Luke and Tommy grabbed my interest from the start. Their pranks were very amusing but they were also willing to help out in the community when there was a need. Tommy's obsession with gadgets is also fascinating. Their vibrant personalities carry the plot along.
The Project is definitely not a boring book and is sure to be grabbed up by anyone who likes a thrilling combination of mystery, history, action and science fiction.
Pat Pledger