I try by Susie Brooks and Cally Johnson-Isaacs

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One of the common complaints from kindergarten teachers is that new-to-big-school children often demonstrate little resilience - the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again, solving the problem through trial and error. And they need to develop special lessons and programs to teach this to compensate for the helicopter parenting where all the child's potential problems have been eliminated in advance by over-zealous adults and thus the child hasn't had the opportunity to learn to cope with setbacks and sadness. So this book would seem to have been written especially for them to aid in those lessons.

Addressed directly to the child reader, it offers ways to encourage them to be adventurous and learn something new; be brave and do something tricky; be strong and don't give up. Using examples from the animal kingdom, this book motivates little ones to try new things, build their confidence and become resilient in all aspects of life. If you're too short to reach, ask someone to help; if something doesn't go as you expected, try again; if you're afraid, take the first step.... The cute and relatable cast of children work together and support each other, showing that there is always help around, especially when venturing into the unknown.

With anxiety levels apparently at an all-time high amongst our children, one of the kindest and most powerful things we can do is help them develop the belief in themselves and the strategies they need to face new situations so these simple suggestions provide an excellent starting point for that.

Barbara Braxton