Peppa the Easter Bunny

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Penguin Random House, 2020.ISBN: 9780241411827. 16pp.
(Age: 1-4) Peppa has an idea: "Let's have a surprise Easter-egg hunt, George!". "Yippee!" cheers George. Peppa and George decorate Easter eggs and hide them in the garden for their friends to find. Peppa has another idea: "Can I surprise my friends and dress up as the Easter Bunny?". "Cheep? Cheep?" asks George. After a riffle through the dressing-up box, Peppa and George are all set and it isn't long before their friends arrive. "This is the best Easter-egg hunt ever!" cries Candy Cat. But where are Peppa and George? Tap! Tap! Tap! There are two enormous eggs and they are beginning to crack! "Surprise" says Peppa the Easter Bunny. "Cheep!" says George the chick.
The beauty of the world of Peppa is that it so often shows the family working and playing together and this is no exception as Mummy and Daddy Pig help George and Peppa prepare the hunt, dress up and hide. It's a fun book that emphasises a giving element of Easter (preparing something that will be enjoyed by others) and of making your own fun. This will be enjoyed by little ones who love Peppa, dressing-up and treasure hunting. Themes: Board book, Peppa Pig, Easter.
Nicole Nelson