Amazing Mum by Alison Brown

cover image

A wonderfully vibrant homage to all mums is given in this engaging, brightly illustrated picture book. The front cover with two animal hugging sets the tone for the read, full to the brim with love, humour, family and care. It is an acknowledgement of all the different mums in the world and the relationship with their offspring. 

Lots of different animals are shown, with mum being a hide and seek mum, ferreting out the last lost piece of Lego, or an applauding mum supporting her budding musicians, a mum who never lets you down, a snuggly mum and a fussy mum. Each mum is pictured with their offspring, acting out the text, causing recognition and laughter from the readers. Children will recognise their mum’s work on each page, while adult readers will laugh at recognising themselves. 

Mums repair things and share things, drive busses, have bubble baths, and double up when needed to turn the skipping rope. All of these things are  humorously illustrated and the text has a rhyme that is infectious. Children will love turning the pages to see the illustration on the next page and laugh at the image shown, while predicting what the lines may say. All in all, the best mum is the one at home, giving the best of hugs and being your very own.

A warm enticing story which will appeal to the very young, reiterating the place that mums have in their hearts, and emphasising the love that is shared. 

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Themes: Love, Mothers, Humour.

Fran Knight