Angel of Storms by Trudi Canavan

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Millennium's Rule :Book 2. Orbit Books, 2015. ISBN: 9780356501147
(Age: 12+) Recommended. Following Thief's Magic and with years between, Angel of Storms follows the increasingly dangerous adventures of both Rielle and Tyen throughout the many worlds. Despite their paths finally crossing at the very end of the novel, Canavan has woven their lives together well through shared events and common relationships such as those with Raen and Traveller run-away Baluka.
With the return of the Raen, the worlds are thrown into turmoil as the dangers of magical communities increase. Setting off from his school, Tyen warns his friends of the Raen's return. There is already a resistance forming. Tyen is lost. With a magically poor home world, he has little choice but to join the resistance or the Raen. When Raen catches him between worlds, he discovers Tyen's long kept secret, he intends to free a Vella, a woman who was trapped inside a book by a previous ruler of the worlds. Raen offers to help Tyen, in exchange for his services as a spy within the resistance, thinking that he can use his position to prevent conflict between the two parties.
Meanwhile, Rielle's work as a tapestry maker is interrupted by the arrival of the angel, Valhan, come to take her to his heavenly realm. Overcome by awe, Rielle does not question the angels she meets, even when thrown into the desolate desert of a dead world. Fortunately, before she can die of dehydration, she is discovered by Baluka, a traveller with marriage on his mind. Things go array however when the Raen discovers she is alive. He steals her away leaving Baluka heartbroken and furious.
While the separation of the two main characters, Rielle and Tyen, is at first confusing, Angel of Storms provides the perfect melding of two stories. Both highly moral characters, Rielle and Tyen present excellent role models for young adults; they are both smart, independent and always do what they feel is right. I would recommend this novel for young people aged twelve and up.
Kayla Gaskell, (University student, aged 20 )